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NEW DISCOVERY – Rotary Club of Chicago mural

Category : News · No Comments May 1, 2018

Discovered by researchers hidden deep inside the Rotary Number One club’s online archives late Friday night April 20, 2018.  An email was immediately sent off to Chicago Rotary Club member Mr. David Phelps who replied the following Monday morning that the mural had been recently discovered inside one of the clubs many storage facilities located throughout the Chicago area, had been conserved and framed in 1999.

It was installed in 1931 inside the Veterans Room, Chicago Rotary Club which had its offices inside the Sherman Hotel at the time.

Stay tuned for an import ensuing announcement of an impending addition of this mural to an important midwest collection!

HE PROFITS MOST WHO SERVES BEST, 1931 oil on canvas 37.5″ x 99″