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Fall 2013 Seminar & January-February 2014 UNO Exhibit

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University of Nebraska at Omaha Seminar and Exhibit

Exhibit Dates: January 17th through February 20th at the UNO Art Gallery

The University of Nebraska, Omaha is taking on a significant challenge. A senior seminar will commence during the Fall Semester 2013, where an entire class will research, catalog then exhibit approximately 45 original works by Louis Frederick Grell. The plan is to research the artists’ prolific career, under the guidance of experienced art professors, select approximately 45 original compositions to be exhibited at the UNO fine art gallery in Omaha starting January 17, 2014 and finally catalog the works selected by the students.

The Grell family is very excited about this incredible opportunity for an exclusive selection of Louie’s works to be honored by the UNO faculty and students participating in the seminar.

The exhibit will begin January 17 at 4:30 PM and run through February 20, 2014.